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How About Taking a Stand on Ray Rice…and Cutting Him?

rayrice Innocent until proven guilty. Yes, I know. Sure. And, alright, perhaps what’s to come in this post  is not well thought out…or fundamentally sound logic. I don’t give a f&*!. Enough is enough. Plus, I’ve got a blog, so I am free to spout my opinion regardless of where it falls or does not on the nonsensical scale.

Ray Rice was one of “my guys.” I grew up in the same county. Followed his career at New Rochelle. Watched him run for the Huegenots and then the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. Undersized but strong as hell. Quiet and seemingly humble. Blah, blah, blah. Now, I hope the Ravens cut him. And not because of his declining production.

For those who fell off the Earth, Rice got a summons after this video of him apparently dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an Atlantic City hotel elevator surfaced on TMZ yesterday.

an Atlantic City hotel elevator surfaced on TMZ.

The incident was the culmination of a “mutual attack” according to reports. Mutual or not, it certainly sounds and appears like Ray Rice knocked out a woman cold and then dragged her out of an elevator. If there is any corroboration of this story, or the facts start bearing out, the Ravens should CUT HIM. IMMEDIATELY. They won’t, of course. Not yet. Or when the initial facts come in, even if they show he did what it looks like he may have done. Not until the salary cap is considered…and the Ravens ground game…and who would carry the pigskin…and maybe their draft position…and what Rice might say or not say in public…and…and…

I’m so tired of this stuff. I get that it happens all the time. I get that pro athletes are often total c*&ks. And, no, maybe Michael Sam has nothing to do with anything, but I can’t help having him pop into my head. The idea of what we accept and what we don’t and why. The rapists. The robbers. The felons. I’m not even talking about the drug dealers or the PED’ers or even the weird weed-smoking, dong-playing, driving-around-Target types that defy categorization. The folks that hurt or inflict pain against others. You know, the real bad guys.

It’s the folks with the virtual armories in their houses that we’re totally cool with. It’s the folks that kill others with their cars.  The Richie Incognitos who will undoubtedly find roster spots. The gay guys? Meh. Not so much. Makes sense.

Anyway, back to Mr. Rice. Let’s see how things play out. We’ll see if the Ravens will care *if* he punched out his fiancee. And, if he did, whether they’ll weigh it more heavily than the damage his absence could inflict for the Ravens ground game. Nothing a little therapy couldn’t help right? He sure is tough between the tackles. Wouldn’t want to give that up. Or maybe, just once, a team makes a the statement to the contrary. That actions like this do reflect on their franchise. That’s it’s not excusable. That there are consequences. And, that would be a welcome departure — for football and the Ravens.

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