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HS Football Player Tony Picard Carrying the Rock at 400 Pounds


Tony Picard plays high school football in the Pacific Northwest. He’s a senior now.  Most of the time he (logically and predictably) lines up at nosetackle for his high school team. Tony’s six foot four and weighs in at four bills. Dude is BIG. It’s why they call him “Big Tone.”

Did we mention the White Swan HS product has also carried the ball for over 500 yards and eight touchdowns this season, according to the folks at Busted Coverage who’ve helped make Picard something of a celebrity in the span of only a few days?

So, what does it look like when the “agile” Picard gets a hand-off? Pretty much as awesome as you might expect.

Apparently, not everyone loves big guys getting all the headlines judging by the over 300 folks who’ve found some reason to dislike the above YouTube video. Mostly they’ve chosen to espouse their (significant…not) knowledge by astutely (sarcasm) and politely (also sarcasm) pointing out that despite his good feet Picard will likely not play tailback should be advance to the next level. Thank you, scouting department.

Can’t we all just enjoy something fairly out of the ordinary? As for Picard, I certainly can’t blame him for changing his Facebook profile to this. How could you not? Fantastic.




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