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Humpday Potpourri

Protect Your Head, It’s Walkoff Time…Again
Back in the day, we used to dedicate Wednesdays to a little potpourri of what caught our eye around the Interwebs. It was a pretty regular “feature.” So, like most of those here, it’s been consistently irregular. Well, I’ve got stuff to do today, so I’m bringing it back. Plus, these folks know what they’re talking about. Without further adieu…

Maybe Walking Ethier Late is a Strategy to Consider
It seems Mr. Ethier has a bit of a tendency to punish team’s in the late innings. It’s like a trend now…or something. Mike Sciosia’s Tragic Illness presents a
illustrative retrospective on the Ethier’s heroics including last night’s, you guessed it, walkoff.

NBA GMs, Get on the Horn to Ostertag!: One of our favorite big, doofy white guys is contemplating a comeback. Rumors and Rants is as confused as I am about the decision.

Define “Catch”: Who knew the Chargers/Raiders Monday night would offer any degree of talkability. Fans, commentators and those who are just so pumped about football that they’ll take any opportunity to talk about it, continue to debate whether Murphy’s grab should’ve been ruled a touchdown. The discussion questions everything we ever knew or though about a catch. With Leather opines.

The Most Exciting Play in Sports?: I give NFL return man a lot of respect. The more I watch the game, the more the speed at which these men fly down the field on kickoffs and punts and the relative “vulnerability” of the men trying to take it the other way scares me to death. So, when these fellas take it to the house it’s even more impressive. Epic Carnival takes a look at some of the most electric touchdown returns. Some great stuff, however, I’ve got to agree with one commenter who called out this omission…by the way, what a great call from the booth.

That’s all for now, folks. Catch you on the flip side.

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