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HumpDayPotpourri: Marshawn Getting His Due, etc.

Welcome to another delicious peach-scented edition of the Hump Day Potpourri. Here’s a quick trip around the blogosphere including one of the best recent posts I’ve read courtesy of Orson at EDSBS.

Marshawn Finally Getting His Due for Oratory Genius
For awhile I’d lamented that the powerful cogs of the blogosphere hadn’t naturally “stumbled upon” Marshawn Lynch’s interviews from earlier year at a photo shoot in Orlando (here and here). Well, it’s finally happened (albeit with a subtle push, perhaps?). Now that ESPN’s newish NFL Blog “Hashmarks” has given it a plug, along with the folks at Kissing Suzy Kolber and We are The Postmen, Lynch’s rhetoric will surely get the exposure and audience it deserves. While I’d like to believe it was The Legends’ post over two weeks ago that started it all, I would be ignorant to believe our small presence in this big, bad Internet world was the reason. Instead, we tip our hat to our friends at Mr. Irrelevant for at least giving The Legend some props (we’ll remember such things when we’re famous) and spreading the word through its massive tentacles.

Best Mock Interview in a Long Time
Elsewhere around the blogosphere, college football is heating up and it’s largely a wasteland of boring previews with the same exact “predicitions” and commentary you could get from the average college football fan. 1. USC 2. LSU, McFadden, Clausen, Brennan, blah, blah, blah. Every Day Should be Saturday has established itself as a man among boys in this world, and they proved it again earlier this week. Check out this “hypothetical” chat between Chad Henne and Lloyd Carr. There have been many of this genre before, but this is one of my all-time favorites.

Actually, I’ve got half a mind to end this HDP right here. Read above. Try not to have your brain do the Sgt. Hartman/Private Pyle voice in your head. You can’t do it can you?

Other real quickies that were mildy intriguing and you may have missed.

  • The Blue Jays must be quite proud of their Triple A affiliate the Syracuse Chiefs. This past Sunday, the team broke a hallowed record by committing 10 errors in a game against…who the f cares…10 errors in a game? That’s special. Way to have some pride, fellas.
  • The Lance Briggs wrecked-my-$350K Lamborghini saga continues. The Postmen have it right in this post. What’s really ridiculous? Lovie Smith trying to somehow make the media out to be bad guys that they would even insinuate that something might be amiss here. You’re right, Lovie. Your player was cruising around at 3 a.m. Left skids marks for days. Disintegrated his car. Left the scene. Made up a few lies along the way. You’re right, to even be curious about whether Lance may have been under the influence is sheer madness. Kind of like trusting Rex Grossman to lead your team to a Super Bowl.
  • And, finally, in other bullshit story news, Strahan and the Giants are dragging this thing out endlessly. Last week, I heard a radio report that (I thought) confirmed his return and everything I’d thought along the way. Strahan is still good. He’s also old and wants no part of Coughlin’s camp. And he still wants money after his former wife took him to town. Most logical route? Bitch about the money for awhile and then saunter into camp a week or so before the season opener and suit up for at least one more go-around. Apparently, this case is not closed. Enough already.

That’s all for now. Pending trip to the fair city of Indianapolis and hope to be back with a post late tomorrow night.

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