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I Agree with T.O.? Wait, wha-huh?

I Completely Agree w/T.O. and it Feels Really Weird

It’s not often I agree with anything that comes out of Terrell Owens’s mouth. Not to take anything away from his receiving skills (which I still believe to be quite formidable), but the man has been known to blabber nonsense on many an occasion. Granted, not Starbury or Ocho Cinco-level absurdity, but perhaps only one step removed.

So, it is with a great sense of personal surprise that I find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with the most recent gospel of T.O. Quite simply, he believes the notion that commissioner Roger Goodell is (reportedly) considering an additional suspension for Michael Vick is complete and utter bullcrap. All I can say is, word up, Mr. Owens. Word. Friggin’. Up.

Owens,who is apparently the toast of the town in Buffalo (I totally get it, but let’s see how long it lasts), decided to use one of his recent press conferences to speak out on behalf of Vick. T.O. referred to the consideration of a suspension (of Vick) by the League as “ridiculous.” He went on to assert that two years in prison was punishment enough and even lamented the fact that other NFL players weren’t coming to Vick’s defense in greater numbers. Of course, this wouldn’t be T.O. if not for a small dose of crazy talk, where he claimed Goodell needed to experience prison as well. Par for the course.

Anyway, outside of the Goodell-to-the-clink postulation, for once Owens is making perfect sense. Now, I’ve intentionally stayed away from this Vick stuff entirely from the start. For one, I like the guy and have always given him an albeit perhaps unearned benefit of the doubt, despite his deficiencies reading defenses on the field or his frequently pathetic judgment off of it. Not to mention, nearly every outlet in the world – mainstream, blog and otherwise – beat every aspect of the Vick “saga” to absolute pulp. I found little reason to drum up additional debate on an issue that really had no right or wrong answer.

Now, however, I believe it does. In this case, there is a wrong answer. The NFL suspending Michael Vick (for any additional amount of time) is the wrong answer. The man has done his time. Whether or not you believe (as I do) that the time did not necessarily fit the crime, Vick has nonetheless served out his sentence of nearly two years. The laws of the land have spoken, and he has followed the letter of the law.

Sure, should he eventually re-join the “workforce” of his previous employ, there are rules and standards by which members of the NFL must abide. But that is for consideration when and if he re-joins that association. At that time (and then only), should be break a law or even skirt the boundaries of acceptable conduct as a member of the NFL, I’ve got no issues with throwing the book at Vick with zero sympathy for any grief that brings upon him. For now though, Mr. Goodell should do something I for one would never ever have thought to do. He should listen to Terrell Owens.

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    July 27, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Like no one saw this coming. They should have made him wait at least 6 months to a year before reinstatement. How many black men are getting their jobs back after getting out of prison? I guess Money and wining will forgive all sins. On another point if Vick doesn't produce he'll quickly be bounced back out of the NFL.
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