I hate Aaron Maybin’s metabolism

We're going to pump...YOU UP!

Aaron Maybin got some advice this offseason from Michael Phelps, whose famous 12,000 calorie-a-day diet became the talk of everyone last Olympic Games. Maybin isn’t going that far, but he’s taken some cues from the king of the pool on how to pack on a few. And, not to sound all girly, but we freakin’ hate him for it. Why? Because he’s doing what many men can only dream of…he’s pounding food…whatever the hell he wants…and staying ridiculously ripped. NOT. FAIR.

Maybin blossomed in Green in 2011, becoming one of the more efficient pass rushers in the league. Following a forgettable two years in Buffalo, the former first round pick that seemed destined for all-time bust status broke out in Rexy’s system. Twenty-seven games in Buffalo. Zero sacks. Thirteen contests for Gang Green and six sacks to go with four forced fumbles. Maybin did so in limited snaps, largely coming in on third downs. Which is one reason he’s looking to pack on the pounds for 2012 — to expand his repertoire, better hold up and increase his flexibility. Maybin is a long, lanky speed guy. At only 230 pounds, it makes him limited.

So Maybin is aiming to add some more size to go with his speed. Specifically, he’s aiming to head up to 230 to somewhere in the neighborhood of 250. And while he’s not going all Phelps on this diet, he’s still throwing down 5,000-6,000 calories/day. Sounds dreamy, right? Want the real kicker. It’s working. Oh yea, and it’s doing so without Maybin adding any body fat. Wait, what? This from Randy’s Radar on Nyjets.com:

“I just talked to Bill [Hughan, head strength coach] and he said I’m starting to get right around where they want me, right around 250 now. It’s great to be so close to my goal so early in the offseason.”

Compare this to his 229 pounds when he first arrived as a Jet last August, or the “220 soaking wet” when he was making headlines at Penn State and building toward his 11th-pick-of-the-draft status with Buffalo in 2009.

“I’m still 3 percent body fat. All my numbers are where they were,” he said. But has he lost any of his trademark speed? “If anything,” he replied, “I’m faster. I feel as explosive as I’ve ever felt.”

So, let me get this straight? You get to eat whatever the hell you want and maintain your 3% body fat? How does that work exactly? Like I said, I hate Aaron Maybin’s metabolism. I do love them sacks, though. So, hopefully a few extra sacks of burgers will help add to those totals in 2012.

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