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I Still Hate the Yankees

Still a Proud Card Carrying Member

I’m just saying…it doesn’t go away. It probably should seeing as I’m pushing 34 years old. I suppose it is just a game and all. It got me thinking about a relatively long thesis-like post on the similarities between hatred in this country and “hate” of sports teams and such, but it started getting way too deep. Plus, my mother taught me that you don’t and shouldn’t “hate” anything anyway. That is why today I can say I strongly dislike tuna fish, radical right wingers, the DMV and various other personal unpleasantries. I tolerate and understand wholeheartedly that others may treasure these things with as much fervor as I disdain them. All that said, I still can’t find a really good adjective (besides, you know, the “h word”) that captures my feelings about the New York Yankees.

So without going all dissertation-like, I’ve broken it down to three reasons why this emotion resides deep within me. By the way, this was all brought to the surface as I found myself with that feeling in the pit of my stomach watching the Mets/Yanks last night and my wife’s incredulous inquiries as to why I cared about the game so much. No, none of what follows is rational. Sports fans are rarely so. I also think you could take the common themes below, and they would translate well to Duke haters, Lakers haters, Sox Haters, etc.

1. Upbringing: Values are taught. You take quite a bit from your family. The Yankees were not welcome in my Brooklyn-born mother’s house growing up. She adopted that stance and carried it on with strength. Hence, the anti-Yankees sentiment was passed down. The Bronx Bombers were not welcome in my childhood home. This was non-negotiable, and it, of course, brought me to the Mets. Thank you?

2. The Fans: Sure, there is likely a huge percentage of polite, well-educated, level-headed Yankees fans. From my experience, it’s about 2 of every 10. Just showing all of their faces on the telecast last night made me want to jump through the screen and punch them. One was wearing a Dr. Seuss-style top hat with stars and stripes and Yankees logos, another was donning one of those varsity jacket-style deals with the 27 championship trophies embroidered on the back (in the dead of summer) and…ugh, it was just…vomit. I hope someone knocked the floppy hat of that one guy’s head. Listen to sports talk radio in NY and the proportion of unintelligible drivel from Yankees fans far outweighs that of any other team. They are obnoxious, irrational and often completely devoid of factual support for anything they utter. Generally speaking, of course.

3. The Players: Truth be told, I don’t mind this Yankees team or recent editions. Really, how can you have problems with Jeter or Rivera? Curtis Granderson couldn’t be a better guy, and he happens to be really good. A-Rod is still an ass, but my strong dislike came from guys like Paully O’Neil, Brosius and that whole crew. It’s likely the same phenomenon with Duke haters. Who do they reference when they are identifying the root of their venom? Hurley. Wojo. Guys who haven’t been there in over decades.

Underpinning all of this is straight-up jealousy — of success. It’s really what’s at the heart of most of the most passionate team haters. We surely wouldn’t hate the Dookies as much if they plummeted into mediocrity for a decade or two. If the Red Sox were bottom feeders, would the rivalry run as hot? Did the Patriots have such a cadre of non-Mass detractors before Belichick and Brady started torching the league? I can’t help but notice how my own dislike of Notre Dame has diminished significantly following their return to the pedestrian ranks of college football.

So it is, to then nth degree, with the men in Pinstripes.

Yankees fans will throw back phrases like “inferiority complex.” Damn straight. You get one after a few decades in this town, witnessing a run of 13 straight postseason appearances and a few more World Championships to add to the closest of the most storied franchise in all of sports. Sure, we’ve got an inferiority complex. But if you just showed up to Citi Field in your Yankees hat that would be one thing. It’s that chump with the full regalia and the Got Rings? shirt who won’t sit down or shut up that always seems to make the blood boil.

Truth be told, there may not be many real logical reasons to hate the Yankees. Still, some things have always been and always will be. I’m sure fans of the Bombers can appreciate tradition…even if it’s one of hating the Yankees.


  1. Erie's Scribe

    July 2, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    And you have a soul. I think their fans are my number one reason for hating them. I had healthy dislike of the Yankees from a proper upbringing,but didn't develop that all out hate until I was surrounded by Yankees fans in college. Arrogant punks with a sense of entitlement.

  2. Anonymous

    July 3, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    As a Yankee fan, I can't understand the hating on Brosius thing. Really? Scott frickin Brosius? The epitome of an overachiever, good work ethic, never talked smack – what's to hate? I guess I can relate to the Oneill part, but he's still one of my favortie Yanks ever. But Bobby Murcer is my all time favorite Yankee and he never played for a winner – RIP Bobby.

  3. Wayner

    July 5, 2011 at 6:25 am

    I have to agree on the Yankees fans being terrible aspect. I had a few buddies in college who loved the Yankees, and they were insufferable. Also, I hate Jeter, but that comes from two things. First, I'm a bit of a state geek, and how he is in the all-star game yet again with sub-average SS stats (and terrible fielding–if he wins another Gold Glove, I'm boycotting Gold Gloves) is beyond me. Secondly, and more personally, I'm a huge A's fan, and I'll never forgive him for coming across the diamond and tossing a relay to get Jeremy Giambi out. Great play? Yes. Against my A's? Damn you.

  4. scott m.

    July 5, 2011 at 11:41 am

    well, i still hate the mets, too. but i'm glad we can get past our differences and still be friends.

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