The Legend of Cecilio Guante
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If at first you don’t succeed, try Tebowing.

You’ve flat out refused to do it.  You’re having none of it, no matter how funny, cute or “divine” it may be.  You would prefer to spend your entire day planking than be seen for five seconds on one knee, head bowed.

Well, if you ain’t gettin’ what you think is yours, why not give it a shot?  That’s what Rocky, the great mascot of the Denver Nuggets figured the other night.

One of his staple tricks is his half-court shot with his back to the basket during a timeout.  Not quite certain, but I’ll bet he has a better shooting percentage with that than Shaq had from the free throw line.  But Monday night, he was having some troubles.  First shot looked good, but the next few went downhill from there.  So, like donning a Superman outfit, he sheds his own costume to reveal a Denver Broncos #15 jersey underneath.

Didn’t quite do the trick though.  A few more shots were off, so Rocky Tebowed.  Of course, you know what happened next…

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