In The ACC, We Own College Football and We Own You

Eyehart Algroh sees major upside for Jack Ryan’s son, Matt in the NFL

So I was rolling through the blogosphere yesterday, doing my daily checks on college football ramblings and I saw this rubbish posted here at, The Legend, and nearly lost it. The Big East the best football conference? Ha! Laughable, man. Who is this PantherFan22? I don’t think he’s on the editorial staff here, he sounded delusional if you ask me. He thinks that the Big Least is the number one Conference? That’s a great theory until you realize that we snatched their top 3 teams a few years ago. If they still had the 8th ranked Boston College Eagles or the 11th ranked Virginia Tech Hokies, then maybe the Big Least would be decent instead of a half step above the MAC.
I will, however, agree with the misguided PantherFan22 on one thing. The SEC, Big 10, Big 12 and Pac-10 get way too much ink. If they could pull their heads out of their asses for a moment they might realize that the ACC is the Conference. The best in football, and do I even have to mention that we’re the best in basketball?
I know that nobody has the stones to challenge the ACC’s basketball dominance, so let me show the unenlightened why the ACC is tops in football as well. You start up top with the BC Eagles (thank you Big Least). A complete football team. Matt Ryan is not only going to run away with the Heisman, but he’s the best NFL QB prospect since Peyton Manning. Yeah, the Eagles dropped from the #2 hole, but who hasn’t slipped from that spot? Number 2 (who does number 2 work for?) is cursed this year. And, BC’s loss to Florida State (who holds the record for most career coaching victories again?) just exemplifies the depth in our Conference. If the ACC teams could stroll through a soft schedule (think Big 12 or Pac-10 here), their records would even be more impressive than they are now.

Our top 4 teams are a combined 30-6 this year, with a 13-2 non-conference record. BC will jump back into the national title picture. Virginia Tech has the most exciting player in college football in Tyrod Taylor, and their veteran QB Sean Glennon is playing so well that he might start over the freshman sensation this weekend. The future is bright for the Hokies, and the present is pretty great too. Their dominating defense and special teams have nudged them back up to 11th in the BCS standings and in the AP poll. I’d love me some Beamer Ball.

Right after BC and Va. Tech, Clemson and UVA are hanging around at 8-2, and it’s a strong 8-2 for both teams. In fact, these teams not only have the ability to win against any team on any given Saturday, but they could dominate any team out there.

Here’s the kicker about the ACC, when you get to our mushy middle, you’re staring at teams that would be the class of any other conference. Florida State and Miami? Legendary programs, Florida football talent at it’s best. How many National Championships between them? Like 80? You’d be a fool not to count on a National Championship out of one or both of these schools in the next 5 years. And who in their right mind would ever want to line up across the ball from those scrappy Demon Deacons?

With coaches Ralph Friedgen, Butch Davis and Tom O’Brien (and more importantly, their successful track records) at the helm at Maryland, UNC and NC State, one can reasonably conclude that those programs are destined for great things very soon. The Rambling Wreck is talented, but rudderless right now. No doubt they’ll get a rudder adjustment at the end of the season (if not sooner). As for Duke, every legit Conference needs a doormat. Usually, the doormat is a lovable loser, but not here in the ACC. We have the only universally detested, conference cellar dweller in the form of the hated Blue Devils. The icing on the cake sports fans!
So why don’t the rest of you put that in your pipes and smoke it?

–Eyehart Algroh

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About the Author: I am a Cleveland sports and Buffalo Sabres fanatic. I'm currently living in Erie, but even when I'm not there, Erie runs deep in me. I'm an ex multi-sport goalie, and we goalies tend to see things a bit differently. I went to college with Cecilio's Scribe and I am also a Big Red afficiando. Otherwise my college sports loyalties are all over the place. I try to keep my posts light, but I'm a Cleveland fan so the occassional rant is possible (inevitable?).

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  1. ckstevenson says:

    I say all the below as a huge MD and ACC fan:

    You mean that UVA team that has squeaked by the entire season?

    You mean the Miami and FSU teams that haven’t been Nationally relevant in more than 4 years?

    You mean the MD, UNC and NCSU teams that have had only brief moments in the sunshine, and always return to meaninglessness? (remember, I’m a MD fan)

    And you even forgot to mention Wake Forest? I guess being the defending ACC champs means nothing…


  2. Erie's Scribe says:

    Ckstevenson, thanks for checking in. Solid points, dead on.

    If you click on the link in the first paragraph, yesterday’s Big East Football post might shed some light on this one. It will become more clear if you have the time to check in over the next few days. I’d imagine some other conferences might be interested in this arguement.

    –Erie’s Scribe

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