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Is the Bullpen Car Really Making Comeback? Say It IS So

Please, Don’t Tease Us
(Photo Courtesy of Bakers Sports Promotional Vehicles, Inc. )

We miss the bullpen car. My sidekick Erie’s Scribe has gone as far as to question what hath befallen this treasured icon of our national past time. Where had our helmet-adorned transporter of relievers disappeared? Would it ever return to it’s glorious days of 10 MPH and a cloud of dust down the foul line? Despite the longing deep in our souls. Although we knew everything about the bullpen car was right for baseball…was right for this country…was right for mankind. We had resigned only to honor its memory as a precious relic of the past.

Then we saw this.

It took us a few seconds to process, followed by another minute or two of a strange mixture of confusion, disbelief and skepticism. Then, we allowed ourselves a brief moment, a moment to pause, drink it all in and contemplate whether the bullpen car is truly returning to its rightly place — tucked in the corner’s of our nation’s hallowed shrines to baseball.

The home page rightly declares what we would all most certainly echo should one of these vehicles make an appearance in 2009: “A Sports Icon is Back.” If the fine folks at Baker Sports Promotional Vehicles, Inc. succeed, you’re goddamn right it is.

The Web site refers to these modern twists on the classic bullpen car as “baseball utility vehicles” or BUV for short. It’s a little rich for our taste, but we won’t hold it against them. The fact is that if you’re a 13 year-old baseball fan right now, chances are you never saw a bullpen car on a Major League field. And that, my friends, is a travesty.

So, perhaps the folks at BSPVI are simply entrepreneurs whose vision will never see the light of day. We’d prefer, instead, to keep dreaming. We love every bit of the “updated” bullpen car, from the traditional baseball bats holding up the helmet to the slick new rims and platform and multimedia center in the back? Personally, I’d put my bullpen car up on 22s and really make a statement. Even the headlights and front bumper look spiffy.

But is it real or a mirage? Is this a pipedream of someone like us who appreciates the famed golf cart with a domepiece and has taken it 100 steps further? Or is there a chance this electric-powered marvel really could be seen on the diamond in 2009 or 2010?

Here’s to keeping the dream alive. Just imagine

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  1. A poorly organized band of hockey fanatics

    October 16, 2008 at 10:21 am

    I believe I saw the infamous Detroit Lions Helmet car on the sidelines earlier this season during the Packers/Lions game.

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