Isiah to be Paid $18M to Fetch Coffee for Walsh

Let Me Get This Straight…$18M to Do Nothing? I’m IN!

I know I promised to back off of Zeke once this whole soap opera season came to a close. But, c’mon, this organization makes it nearly impossible to keep quiet. And just when you think it can’t possibly get any better – it does. With a HT to Mike and Mike in the Morning, we felt obliged to pass along this update on Zeke’s new “role” with the New York Knickerbockers.

As you may have heard earlier, Isiah will report directly to Donnie Walsh. This was the first “detail” we heard about his position. Next, we were informed that Isiah, in this esteemed job, would have “no official title” but would provide “meaningful input” to Walsh.

Since those public comments a few days ago, Zeke’s responsibilities have come into even clearer focus. In today’s New York Daily News, Knicks beat writer Frank Isola reports that, according to a team source, “Thomas has been barred from having any contact with the team as part of his reassignment agreement with Knicks president Donnie Walsk.”

OK, so let us recap.

1. Isiah Thomas is fired as coach but Walsh indicates he will remain with the organization due to his tremendous value and ability to contribute to the success of the team and franchise
2. It’s revealed that Isiah will report directly to Donnie Walsh
3. Thomas will have “no official” title
4. Zeke is banned from having any contact with the team

So, here’s our question? What exactly is Zeke going to do for the Knicks? Our guess, absolutely nothing. While we welcome that concept, some could argue Thomas is getting a pretty decent deal…and we thought Jerome James had a good thing going. Hang out at the Garden every day. Watch some basketball. Maybe occasionally go scout a few players. Oh yes, and of course provide “meaningful input” to Mr. Walsh. As in, “Mr. Walsh, we’re out of Splenda, I’d recommend Sweet and Low or Equal as an alternate choice.” Perhaps the best-paid secretary in employment history.

Ahhh, Zeke…

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  1. andyl says:

    Zeke will be like George Costanza’s Yankee front office role in Seinfeld. The main difference being that Seinfeld was a TV Sitcom, and this is zeke’s actual life. Only in the garden. What a joke of an organization.

  2. taco king says:

    Scribe, I want a Mets post and I want it now. I hate this Mets team, they aggravate me very much.

    Give your readers what they want

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