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Jerami Grant’s swat heard ’round the Dome


Syracuse defeated Notre Dame 63-47 at the Dome last night. The win snapped a two-game mini skid for the Orange and improved their record to 7-2 in the Big East. Normally, we wouldn’t pay much more attention to this mid-season conference game except for this one resounding play from the Orange’s Jerami Grant.

They say great shot blocks (and great shot blockers) keep the ball in play. Sure, I get it. Still, occasionally,  it’s worth using a rejection to make a statement. Just spiking the crap out of it to utterly humiliate an opponent and remind them not to bring that weak-ass sh*t back in the paint. This swat, courtesy of the freshman Grant, does just that. Listening to the audio gives an additional sense of just how resounding a block this was.


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