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Jets fans’ biggest nightmare: Thursday night in Foxboro

New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots

New York Jets Vs. New England Patriots

Awwww, shucks. Figures. Brady and the Pats hitting their stride. A five-game slide for Gang Green that continually seems to find new depths in a seemingly bottomless barrel of crap. Why not have this be our Thursday night engagement? Pace is right. They DO have it out for us. The FANS.

Forget about the game and the match-ups. The scariest part is for Jets fans. Thursday night in Foxboro in the midst of this f-in mess. We’ve got to gird ourselves up for this. Sure, it’s preparing for the normal disappointment and frustration. But doing it on this Thursday night is different. The eyes of the entire nation are fixated on your pathetic team. There is NO other diversion. The ugliness is not contained to a region. It’s all right there. Geno. The scrapheap secondary. Our vaunted receiving crew. It’s the type of thing that can keep a modern connected man away from his phone, computer and all of the Twitter.

I might just wear a punching bag and kick me sign to work tomorrow. Something like: “Go ahead, kick me now…because my team’s on Thursday night football tonight. Might as well get it over with.”

Alas, I could be wrong. Who knows. Maybe this team decides to show up for a night. Brady’s pass catchers aren’t much to write home about. Ridley and Mayo are done. The Pats are working on the same short week. Could the Jets show their true colors?

Yes, I’m fairly certain they will. Unfortunately, those colors are a rather puke-like green. A mixture of nauseating chunks that have no business being on the field.

Yup, it will be all on display Thursday night. Welcome to your 2014 Jets fan nightmare. I can’t WAIT to tune in.

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