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Jets Fans Predictably Rational and Subdued After Brutal Jags Loss

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the Jets. I bitch and moan and lament the sorry hand I’ve been dealt. I whine and complain ad nauseam about how brutal it is to root for such a losing franchise and the myriad of ingenious ways they continue to find to lose football games. But, I do so with more than a bit of laughter and levity.

The Jets lose. Life moves on very shortly thereafter. That’s how it is for me. For other “fans,” it goes way, way beyond temporary disappointment. These people may in fact be quite sick. Many seem to still battling the notion that Jets fandom is a losing proposition. This is not to say they aren’t incredibly humorous.

Here are some of my favorite post-Jags loss declarations from the fanatical of the fanatical. Many of these are borrowed from the pheonomenal The Jets Blog and Rich Cimini’s The Jets Stream (NY Daily News), each which tend to highlight a uniquely pessimistic and volatile breed of Jets fans found rarely in nature (yet, one with whom I’ve had much contact). All comments sic’d:

“Why don’t all of you angry Jet fans do what I did, and stop being a fan? I destroyed every piece of Jet memorabilia I had in the house after today’s game, and it felt GOOD!! You guys should try it. After 30+ years as a Jet fan, I am no longer putting up with their crap. F the Jets.” – formerjetfan (from The Jets Blog)

“Jets need to look into trading Mark Sanchez to one of these dome teams where he could have a chance of having a decent career. Call up St. Louis and see if they’ll give yas a 2nd rounder for him. I’ve seen enough.” – Cmartin75 (from The Jets Stream)

i have been a jet fan my entire life and have dedicated myself to this team year round. i am done and will no longer watch a game or spend my hard earned money on this pathetic team. my closet and dresser will be emptied since it is filled with jets sh#t. im done!!!! the misery is over!!! im starting to crack a smile already! u guys should try it.” – sexyrexy (TJB)

“As soon as the cramps stop and I stop vomiting I’m gonna go hurt someone.” -daleinct (TJB)

“Jet fan for over 40 years, ticket holder for 27. They continue to be a pathetic team. Tired of hearing of ttheir postential—-show me. This team is like every team the Jets have put on the field for forty years—losers. At this point I don’t know if it will ever change. Some day I hope we have team that will grow a pair, until then I don’t expect anything to change.” – NamVetJet (TJB)

“Hey Jake I already gave up the tickets and Have been burning something that says Jets on it after every stupid loss. By early next year I will have rid myself of Jet garbage.” – Cheech91 (TJB)

I am concerned also about Suckchez….This organization is a joke.You guys can all keep saying we are rebuilding for another 40 years.” – scott p (TJS)

Bottom line is that the team sucks again.” – curbyourenthusiasm (TJS)

Curbyourenthusiasm says it best. Same Old Jets? Just End the Season? Ah, yes, we’ve heard this all before. And, yes, I’ll be back again next week, next month and next year. Color me green-and-white.


  1. samerochocinco

    November 17, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Now, I'm not that drastic with the Pats-Colts loss, but Jets fans are jumping off the Sanchez boat wayyy too quickly.

  2. Cecilio's Scribe

    November 17, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    couldn't agree more. it's absurd.

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