Jets turn to craig’s list for signal callers

It’s gotten bad for the Jets. We’ve tried to look away, but there’s just so much wreckage. It’s OK. It’s going to be like Sandy and the Mets. Resign yourself to a few years of pain in the hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

Besides all the free agent defections, and the lack of any significant signings, the quarterback situation continues to cause angst. It’s really bad. We forgot just how bad. It was kind of nice to forget. The running joke is now that any available quarterback is a potential target for Gang Green. Matt Cassell. Kevin Kolb. Heck, we signed David Garrard? We mean anyone is an option. Check out this posting we found on Craig’s List as further evidence of our sheer desperation (click to embiggen).


Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It seems like just yesterday…a game away…don’t know what you got, ’til it’s gone…

Note: It’s so sad we have to do this. But, in case anyone’s wondering, no. Not real. Have yourself checked out.

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About the Author: Cecilio's Scribe is the founder of The Legend of Cecilio Guante and a generally pessimistic fan of the Mets, Jets, Knicks and Rangers. A fine NYC-based gentlemen who hones his marketing skills as his primary trade by day. Husband, chef, father of a newborn and after-hours blogger by night. Proud alum of the mighty Big Red of Cornell. University. Hot sauce devotee. Staunch protester of the continued wussifcation of American sports. Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick.

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    Jets looking at any QB options | The Legend of Cecilio Guante

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