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Joakim Noah Video on Gun Violence Features Teammates Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose


It’s a film project led by Joakim Noah. It features current Bulls teammates Taj Gibson, Nazr Mohammed and Derrick Rose. The message is about gun violence, and it’s a powerful one. Credit to Noah for tapping into his network of relationships to make this happen (former Bull Luol Deng was also interviewed for the piece, but, ultimately, is not included in the final cut). The eight-minute film, produced by Noah and directed by noted documentarian Alex Kotlowitz, seeks in part to encourage the expanded net of victims of gun violence (parents, sibling, friends) to open up, share their pain and realize, as the title of the film says, “you’re not alone.”

I couldn’t help but think as I watched this that the “project,” though commendable, could be much more. Sadly, the stories that could be gathered from Noah’s counterparts around the NBA alone are probably far too many. The story deserves more telling. Nonetheless, I applaud the work.

The effort also directly and indirectly serves to foster the mission of his Noah’s Arc Foundation: to provide “diverse opportunities for kids to become more aware and conscious of their ability to make a positive impact on themselves and their community.

Good work, Mr. Noah.

Check it out here:


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    October 7, 2016 at 12:51 pm

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