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Johan Santana ends Mets 50-year no-hitter drought


It’s happened. I was one of those who firmly believed it never would. After 35 one-hitters, it’s hard not to think that some things just aren’t in the cards. It turns out, the Cards were just the ticket. The Mets have finally thrown a no-hitter. After 50 seasons, and more than 8,000 games, Johan Santana pitched to a zero in the hit column. It might not have looked as perfect as many a no-no, but, for Mets fans, never has a pitching performance looked as beautiful.

I won’t ramble on when every other pundit will be sharing the same sentiments. In short, watching Johan do it made it that much better. The shoulder surgery. Where he’s been. How hard he’s worked to get back. The competitor he is and has always been. The Hall of Famer he will be in the not-too-distant future.  Not to mention, a career minor-league hometown boy from Queens helped preserve it with a fantastic catch that culminated with a crash against the outfield wall and an early exit for Mike Baxter. You couldn’t script that.

Watching and hearing Santana on the field after the game, one couldn’t help but think this was the right man to end the drought. Congratulations, Johan. Now, finally, we Mets fans can have one less thing to  piss and moan about. And that’s pretty sweet.

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