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Kate Upton’s latest for Skullcandy with Big Boi and Stevie Johnson


We like Skullcandy as a brand. We like Kate Upton as an…anything? So, naturally we are not opposed when the two come together in fairly humorous spots. The first time we saw the pair was for the debut of the cleverly-conceived “Take a Supermodel to Work” spots, alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Well, now, coincidentally (Read: NOT) as the hype of another SI Swimsuit cover hits a fever pitch, Kate is back. It’s the second installment of the “Take a Supermodel to Work” series. This time it features Upton along with rapper Big Boi and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson. Because, of course, it does.

Oh, forget the commentary. You all want the video. Fine, have at it.

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