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Kate Upton’s top five sports moments


Say what you will about Kate Upton. She does find a way to get her name and ummm, her assets, out there eh? Seems like brands going for that 18-34 year old male target have hitched their wagons to Kate. Shocking, right? It’s therefore equally surprising that sports are an avenue that’s been consistently explored. Speaking of exploring, we look back at five of Upton’s top “sports moments” of the past year or so. Because, we’re a sports blog you see. Such is our duty.

The Dougie

Long before any of this Cat Daddy nonsense, there was the Dougie phenomenon. In fact, without the first, one could argue the latter might have never been possible. But what’s the sense in arguing anyway? Here’s Kate at the Clippers game doing her thing before all of America’s young male population began to see her every day.

Finger Mechanics

We wrote about those clever little folks from MLB 2K Play earlier this year. Maybe Upton’s tips are the reason for David Price’s early success. I’m sure she left a lasting impression.

Durant and Harden Take a Supermodel to Work

Fu*! the kids. It’s time companies started initiating Take Your Supermodel to work day. The folks at Skullcandy shine the spotlight on this stunning holiday, an event of appreciation. Here, Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and James Harden deal with the overeager Upton for a day. On the next episode, Durant and Harden will make a trip to see Kate “at work.” Ahhh, the life of a professional athlete. Paid to ogle.

High-Heeled Pigskin

What, you wanted to see Kate Upton actually performing in a sport? Fine. Here she is throwing a football on a Fox News segment hyping her partnership with AXE aside Giants All-Pro Jason Pierre-Paul. Nice heels. Questionable spiral. The supermodel giggle is spot-on, though. “Take off your jacket” says the friendly and all-too-subtle Fox & Friends anchor. “REALLY, TAKE OFF YOUR JACKET!”

Supermodel Sweet Spot

Last but not least, Upton showing off her most natural skills in the “sport” of swimsuit modeling. Somehow I don’t see this young lady leaving the front pages of the Interwebs anytime soon. OK, we’re not all that broken up about said fact.

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