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Katie Nolan rips Rick Reilly in sparkling fashion

Points Nolan for Takedown

Points Nolan for Takedown

Points Nolan for Takedown

Rick Reilly decided to tee of on, of all people, Regis Philbin following Tuesday’s NFL media day. We’ve never particularly liked Reilly. Katie Nolan, on the other hand, we’re becoming bigger and bigger fans of. How do Nolan, Philbin and Reilly come together on this one?

Reilly dissed Philbin on ESPN calling him the “little man in the makeup” as part of other thoughtful commentary.

Philbin is a member of the on-screen team for Fox Sports 1’s show “Crowd Goes Wild.”

Katie Nolan is a colleague of Philbin’s on that same show.

We like Nolan (did we mention that).

Well, she didn’t take kindly to Rick for his comments on her co-worker Mr. Philbin.

So, she let him know it.

And it was SUPERB.

Check it.

Who knows what the future of Fox Sports 1, CGW or Philbin for that matter. One thing I do know is that Nolan is starting to make a name for herself, which may be the one thing the new-fangled sports network’s got going for it. Whatever she’s having, we’ll have another.

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