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Kevin Durant Thunderstruck movie trailer

Photo Courtesy of the Oklahoman

Coming to the Big Screen: Photo Courtesy of the Oklahoman

Kevin Durant just helped carry the young Thunder to the NBA Finals. Regardless of whether his talents take OKC all the way to the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy, he’s already secured superstar status. And when you’re that big-time, well, you get slotted for your real silver screen debut.

Yes, KD is heading for the Hollywood — and it has nothing to do with the Lake Show. He’ll be starring in the new “Thunderstruck” movie coming soon and featuring teen actor Taylor Gray, Brandon T. Jackson and, of course, Jim Belushi. Check out the trailer in all its Disney-tastic-esque cheesiness (the film is a Warner Bros. production). Yes, I did have to double-check this wasn’t a clever spoof. It’s apparently quite real.

Side note: love that the trailer was posted on YouTube by user Vince Carter.

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