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Knicks – Marbury = Not Completely Terrible?

Just Stay Right There…For Another 44 Games or So

OK, a break from football for a moment and a trip to semi-serious sports commentary. If you’ve noticed, and judging by the ratings you haven’t, the woeful Knicks have managed to string a few together and are threatening to…

Yes, they are threatening to do absolutely nothing. Ad-libbing from the words of Vince Vaughan in Wedding Crashers in his kitchen confession, let’s not kid ourselves folks, this team is f-ed six ways to Sunday. That said, for we Knicks fans — the few, the proud, the masochistic — the last three games (all victories) have been interesting for several reasons.

For starters, some strange things have happened including Quentin Richardson hitting a jump shot, Renaldo Balkman getting re-inserted in the regular rotation with predictably strong results (Isiah, in his usual infinite wisdom, mentioned before last night’s game how it was “good to have” Balkman back in the rotation. Uhhh, hey Zeke, you were the guy making him a DNP) and Lil’ Nate making, dare we say, some reasonably intelligent decisions.

However, all that is not what’s caught our attention. Instead, we’re fixated on the Stephon Marbury factor. And by factor we mean that the Knicks seems to play like shit when he’s on the court, but are tolerable (at least recently) with him on the bench…or even better…not in the arena. This much we know:

Knicks Record with Marbury: 8-16

Knicks Record without Marbury: 6-8

Now, not for nuthin’, but we’re pretty sure this is not simply a coincidence. Anyone who’s watched the last few games would attest to the night-and-day manner in which the ball is moving around the perimeter and the Knicks are finding open shots. Now, granted, it’s one thing to have the looks and another to hit them, but this team looks…well, a heckuva lot more like a team without Starbury on the court.

We’re anxious to see how they come through an upcoming three-in-four-night stretch at Washington, Miami and then home against the Celtics on Martin Luther King. What we’re not looking forward to? Seeing Marbury back on the court in a Knicks uniform anytime soon. Luckily for us, it seems Steph’s ankle is willing to oblige.

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