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Knicks Seek to Make Up for Weis, Deal for Darko

He Sure Has the Look (not)

The Knicks have righted a previous wrong. Apparently devastated by the fact that their great French first-round selection Frederic Weis never stepped foot on the Garden floor, the Knickerbockers today dealt for another, perhaps even bigger, European bust.

Yes fans, Darko Milicic is now a Knick (for all intents and purposes). The former #2 pick in the absolutely stacked 2003 NBA draft, Milicic is a seven-foot Serbian who went ahead of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony. He has done very little in the NBA but disappoint making him a clear-cut candidate for most NBA all-bust draft teams.

He seems like a perfect fit for Mike D’Antoni’s uptempo open floor system. It makes complete sense. In all seriousness, yes I know he runs the floor pretty well for a big man. In fact, Darko will probably look like The Flash compared to fat Eddie. On another positive note, Darko has great strength as evidenced by this passage from Wikipedia:

Darko Miličić gained notoriety on YouTube during the December 8, 2008 game against the Houston Rockets. Darko was guarding Yao Ming and was called for a questionable foul and protested to the official. Darko then received a technical foul and was subsequently sent to the bench. In anger, Darko reached up and ripped his jersey down the middle–an impressive feat of strength given the durability of NBA authentic jerseys.

So, the Knicks have that going for them…which is nice. Oh yea, see you later Q.

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