Ladies and Gentelmen…Your…New…York…KNICKS!

Well, Knicks fans, there you have it. Years of clearing cap room and enduring garbage teams all to bring a former All-Star with an injury history and no defensive game to an already defense-starved team (now, without its best player). Yup, “utter disaster” sums it up quite nicely.

As Sheridan poses, Danillo Gallinari, if not the best, is now one of the Knicks top players. This is not a good thing (no offense to Gallo). Nor is the projected lineup Sheridan puts out in his ESPN NY article:

Toney Douglas, TBD.
SG: Wilson Chandler, Azubuike, Rautins.
SF: Gallinari, Bill Walker, Landry Fields.
PF: Stoudemire, Randolph.
C: Turiaf, Curry, Jerome Jordan.

Take a second. Honestly. Let that deliciousness linger on your tongue a little while. I like TD and Chandler and Gallinari can be a money shooter on some nights. But, my friends, this is not a very good team. It’s not even a better team than last year. It’s not a playoff team, and no one will ever confuse it with a championship-contending team.

Nope, this is another below average NBA team that the vaunted Knicks will be set to introduce on the Garden floor this coming season. It seems like only yesterday I was at a buddy’s house with my high school cronies flipping back between the Knicks-Rockets finals and the OJ chase. Except that it was 16 YEARS AGO.

Ahh, at least I’ve still got the J-E-T-S! As for the Knicks, give me a ring in a decade or so when we have a new owner, GM, coach, player and maybe even some draft picks. Hey, it’s OK to dream right?

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