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Lakers rising again in the West?

Hollywood ending

Hollywood ending (Photo via Larry Brown Sports)

Could it be the Lakers have another run out of Kobe and this roster? Before today, arguing that point would likely be moot. My how things change. Steve Nash is heading to Hollywood. The Lake Show could be back for one more deep run.

Nash is no spring chicken anymore. That said, he’s still a Hall of Fame, two-time MVP point guard who put up great numbers even last season in Phoenix. Ten-plus assists for a Suns team that doesn’t boast the likes of Bynum, Gasol and one Kobe Bryant. With those pieces, and with scary additional weapons being rumored, the Lakers have gone from rebuilding to reloading for potentially one more championship run for two of the league’s greatest all-time players.

They need each other to have a chance at those final (or only) rings. For someone who’s never been a huge Kobe fan, the addition of Nash makes it a more compelling story to follow. The West just got a little more interesting.

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