Leap Day-esque Sports Abnormalities

Wait, this happened four years ago too?

Hey it’s Leap Day everybody, congratulations. Happy Birthday to you “leaplings” (a legit term) out there. Simon Gagne and Ja Rule are both leaplings (only one birthday every four years? Maybe Danny Almonte is a leapling). We’ve always admired Leap Year, it has a lot going for it. It gives us a free day. Who cares if you’re productive today? It’s a freebie, enjoy it, you won’t get this opportunity next year. Leap Years are also quite sneaky. I didn’t really know that 2008 was a Leap Year until yesterday.

In honor of leaplings everywhere who had to settle for February 28th or March 1st birthday parties, here are some of our favorite Leap Day-esque sports occurrences. Like Leap Day, they are all rare, surprising, and satisfying. Needless to say, we wish they happened a lot more often.

The Triple Play: I’ve watched a lot of baseball, and I think I’ve only seen one or two triple plays. One swing of the bat and you go from having multiple base runners and no outs, to getting out of the inning. Glorious. And how about the even rarer Unassisted Triple Play? Check out Troy Tulowitzki’s unassisted triple play.

The Hook-n-Ladder Play: I don’t care if it’s Boise State or Mox and Billy Bob in Varsity Blues, I like a good hook-n-ladder play. I challenge the fool who doesn’t.

The Fair Catch Kick: I’ve known about the fair catch kick for awhile, but never really understood it since I’ve never seen it. I don’t think I understand it any better after reading about it. It was last attempted in the NFL in 2005. We need more of these. How do they work again?

The Hidden Ball Trick: You know, runner on first and the pitcher starts going through the motions like he has the ball. Wait a second, the first basemen has it, that jokester! You’re out rookie.

Picking Up the 7-10 Split: Can’t say I watch much bowling, but I do enjoy rolling a few games and knocking back some cold ones. I leave many 7-10 splits. The world needs more of this. And this too while we’re at it, “wow, let’s replay that baby!”

The Nut Shot: Being in the defensive wall on a free kick near the goal in soccer is one of the most compromising positions in sports. You think holding your hands over your package is going to help you? I won’t deny chuckling (and wincing) every time I see this.

The Inside The Park Home Run: Something wacky is going to happen in the outfield in order to pull this off. Wacky=good.

The Goalie Fight: When things get so chippy on the ice that the two goalies lumber to center ice and start a leisurely fist fight, then the hockey game has just gotten really interesting.

An NBA ref calls Traveling: I’m not sure this ever happens. But if it ever does happen, I hope I’m on hand to see it.

Stealing Home: The ultimate f*** you to the opposing battery. Would you want to meet Lou Piniella in the dugout after somebody stole home on you? Jackie Robinson, you the man.

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About the Author: I am a Cleveland sports and Buffalo Sabres fanatic. I'm currently living in Erie, but even when I'm not there, Erie runs deep in me. I'm an ex multi-sport goalie, and we goalies tend to see things a bit differently. I went to college with Cecilio's Scribe and I am also a Big Red afficiando. Otherwise my college sports loyalties are all over the place. I try to keep my posts light, but I'm a Cleveland fan so the occassional rant is possible (inevitable?).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a buddy named JJ that can pick up the 7-10 split in Nintendo Wii Bowling! It’s quite amazing. In fact, I think he still holds the high score on Wii bowling too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    After fair catching a punt or kick off, the receiving team has the opportunity to attempt a fair catch kick. This can be done even if no time remains on the clock. They line up at the spot of the fair catch, with the defending team (the one that just punted/kick to them) lining up 10 yards away.

    Because the opposing team is 10 yards away, the kicker can use a much lower trajectory than is normally possible on field goals, which should enable him to kick it farther.

  3. Erie's Scribe says:

    Picking up the 7-10 split in Wii bowling is probably the best opportunity I’ll have at the feat.

    Thanks for explination on the fair catch kick. I can pictue it now. I’d like to see that.

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