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Leaving the Island: Darrelle Revis takes off for Tampa Bay


Jeez. Hall of Famer. All-time Jet. Rockin’ a Yuck-a-neers lid on a private plane. One more jersey to put up on EBay.

Not. Ready. For. This.

It's so haarrrdd to say goodbyeee to yesterday... Photo via Deadspin

It’s so haarrrdd to say goodbyeee to yesterday…
Photo via Deadspin

Or this so much…



Or…for the love of!


A Bucs Life?

Soooo…it’s been 24 hours or so. As you can see, I’m coping well so far. I’ve only had a dozen of my friends ask me about this yesterday and today. Calls. Texts. Emails. F. U. ALL. Seems like because one is a huge Jets fan and has a blog, it is therefore my personal responsibility…no, my civic DUTY…to espouse on this historic trade. How ’bout two words? IT. BLOWS. Like that hard-hitting analysis? Now, can you fockers leave me alone? Can’t a man get a little time to grieve?

Seriously, that’s how I feel. It’s going to take some time just to get my head around it. Sure, it’s been inevitable for some time. Still, I may just break out my white Revis jersey, the one I purchased a few years back with the notion that at least THIS GUY would be a franchise cornerstone for a few more years, and spend a moment with 2-4 just reminiscing.

So, really, what do I think? I think it was going to happen and had to happen. Losing your best FOOTBALL PLAYER (forget about offense, defense or special teams) is a huge blow (Captain Obvious!). It immediately makes the Jets worse. Forget about the compensation for now. It was interesting to look at the defense with a glimmer of hope that a Cromartie-Revis duo might again patrol the outside. Wasn’t to be.

That said, he was gone all last year too. And, no, the defense wasn’t the same. But it was passable. It was the offense that was incompetent. There are building blocks on this defensive team. Some even not-ancient. Plus, this is a corner, folks. A lockdown, difference-making corner, yes, but still. Given this regime, the history and the approach for the future, committing to Revis was never in the cards. Although not apples to apples exactly, this current time period (albeit hard to believe only a few years removed from back-to-back AFC title appearances) reminds me of the tenor in Queens when Sandy Alderson took over in 2010. Back then, I mentioned that the goal should be for the Mets to return to relevance in 2014.

The Idzik era and early approach feels similar. The Jets arguably are in a place where the talent is not as depleted as Flushing. Two good drafts and some pieces falling should make more regular playoff probability a reasonable, not-too-distant future. Things can turn around quickly in this league. And I’m fine with it. Reyes is not Revis. But the emotions were not vastly different for me. I think this move had to be made, although that doesn’t necessarily make it “right” on paper or otherwise. Many may try to offer logic-based pros and cons on this move. But emotion is all over this transaction. And it’s in my analysis. Feel is not scientific. There are no stats to justify it. But this team, although they’ll talk around it, is starting over in a lot of ways. If doing so, I’m OK with some painful cord-cutting along the way.

The Jets need a new culture. A new crop of young talent. A new approach to managing the cap. A new quarterback woudl be nice too. In short, an entirely different direction. While it’s impossibly hard to say goodbye to a lifetime Jet, I understand it. It may come back to be a lopsided, unconscionably stupid trade in hindsight. Or Revis could tear up another knee this fall. Who knows?

What’s clear is the Revis era is over. Gang Green’s short-lived time near the top is also a fading memory. Now, we begin to build a team again that can compete for the playoffs for a long stretch. It starts with Thursday. The New York Jets are on the clock…

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