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Let’s stop the middle school recruiting mmmkay?

LSU Tigers, Class of '17?

LSU Tigers, Class of ’17?

Big recruiting news in college football this week. Speedy running back and linebacker prospect Dylan Moses was offered a scholarship by LSU to become a Bayou Bengal. Quarterback prospect Tate Martell was similarly propositioned by Steve Sarkisian to join the Washington Huskies of the Pac-1o — and offered his verbal commitment. BFD, right? Well, what if we told you Dylan is about to enter the eighth grade? And that his West Coast compadre Martell is 14? For me, that BFD now translates into a giant WTF?

Here we are talking about collegiate sports, values, academics and the like in the wake of the PSU debacle. It’s of course bullsh*t, as can be witnessed if only by the vultures from other big-time programs that were caught lurking in the parking lot up in State College today – salivating at the idea of a big-time player they might be able to lure to transfer. That’s bad enough. Those are college kids. But middle-schoolers?

Sure, a scholarship offer is just that. This is not unprecedented either.  Whether Moses ends up in Baton Rouge or Martell heads to the Emerald City and the Huskies, is far from guaranteed. I mean, we’re talking about the class of 2017 here. Hell, who knows if these guys will ever play college football (although, the measurables and talent are admittedly mind-blowing). But what good does it do? And does anyone care? Shouldn’t we?

I guess maybe I’m jaded. This is the nature of the beast many will say. Fair enough. But it’s a beast that sure feels like it might benefit from some taming.

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  1. Cody

    January 16, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    recruiting at any age is fine my son is 13 and has been talked to by several college coaches that are wanting to help him grow in football such as facilitating areas to give him special training.
    If you ban coaches from talking to these kids or as you call it “recruiting” than you are taking away possibilities for them to be successful in what they want to do in life

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