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Linkin McLovin: Athletes, Women, Roids and What-Not

‘Round the Horn

Happy Friday, all. A quick spin around the Interwebs for some stuff that grabbed our attention? Si.

From Deadsdpin…Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions #1 pick, apparently has multiple first-round draft picks to choose from this summer (Deadspin)

Courtesy of KSK…Reggie Bush’s answer to the tush?

Sports by Brooks on how the Braves may be getting screwed by ump…couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. That said, an ump-catcher fist-pump seems borderline unprofessional. And by borderline I of course mean not even close to professional.

Larry Brown Sports on Canseco…the sign of the apocalypse is that I’m starting to pay infinitely more attention to what this man has to say on the matter over virtually anyone else. And, yes, LBS is right in that Nomar does look decidedly uncomfortable. Petrified is another adjective that comes to mind.

Rumors & Rants…on a pardon a century past due.

Sharapova’s Thigh…on new Shakira video. Sure, it has nothing to do with sports, but I just marvel at how much music videos have changed since back in my day when this was the raciest thing of my early teens.

With Leather profiles…the other, other upstart football League. You know. The one with the ladies…and the lingerie.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks. See you on the flip side, or something.

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