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Manning rap video sequel falls short


If something works, you should just do it again right?

Uhhh, not always. See Blues Brother 2000 for reference.

DirecTV should peep the history books and learn that sequels don’t always mean “better.” Although, I guess you could argue that since I’m penning a post on this second Manning brothers rap video commercial, the marketers have won. Point taken.Still, it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Take a look below at the sequel to last year’s appropriately epic “Football on Your Phone.” This one, entitled “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” promotes the cable service’s new ALL FANTASY FOOTBALL channel – a concept decidedly frightening in and of itself.

In this year’s edition, Peyton and Eli again adopt their trademark, well, Manning-ness, in another over-the-top rap-inspired video. Mansions, hot women, pools, chains. The problem? The song sucks. It’s no “Football on Your Phone.” That thing was catchy, and the woman’s voice was damn-near-sultry. This one you can barely hear the brothers dropping the dope lyrics. You know, if there were dope lyrics.

But, alas, it is the Mannings. Hence, it is tearing up the Web once again. I am now only an enabler.

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