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Marcus Mariota is a top pick?

mariota Am I missing something? No, really. What gives?

No offense to Mr. Mariota, but I though NFL Draft projections haven to to with professional football capacity and application of skills…or is it simply about stats that look good on a piece of paper? I’m starting to think it’s a little bit leaning towards the latter. I certainly don’t watch every game, so my apologies if this is a rash analysis.

But, I’m keenly observing the Ducks and the Arizona Wildcats right now. Taking in the the #2 team in the country and their undisputed Heisman Trophy front-runner. And I’m asking myself…seriously? This is the kid who’s running away with it?

Maybe I’m missing a littel something, or perhaps a lot of something. Is it possible that the neon hot pink alternate uniforms have sapped him of his super-strength? Whatever the reason, Mariota looks incredibly pedestrian in my personal opinion. Color me NOT IMPRESSED. A top five quarterback prospect in the upcoming NFL draft should immediately jump off the screen, page or whatever other format you may be watching and absorbing. At the very least, they should showcase arm strength, accuracy, poise and play-making ability. We look for winners, no? I understand the system and the play-calling and how all of that dictates what you see. Still…

I’m at a loss on Mariota. He’s not showing me anything. Short, relatively “easy” passes out of a shotgun set. The “look” ain’t there. Maybe it all will change in a few quarters. Or it could be I’m jumping to conclusions. I’ve been waiting, though. It’s been some seasons. This is the time. Home game. Defense playing. Show us something, Marcus. For real…

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