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Marshawn Lynch is Pure Comedy

I’ve been saving this one for a rainy day and figured now is as good a time as any.

A few months back, I got to spend some time with a number of the NFL rookies at a photo shoot down in Orlando.

This video was by far my favorite content produced from that trip.

Gaines Adams and Marshawn Lynch were pretty much inseparable and insisted to do a bunch of interviews together. As you can see, they are a formidable duo.

That this video hasn’t made it around a bit more seems entirely unjust. Hopefully, others will recognize the entertainment value herein.

My favorite quotes? Oh, there are so many great ones to choose from…but I’ll have to go with the following top five:

5. “TOO solid”
4. “Stupid fast”
3. “Beast mode!” (I’m sorry Marshawn, I’m not familiar with that term. Perhaps, you could elaborate?)
2. “He used to go stupid in Madden…off that edge…come with that rip…”
1. “You said past? Like he can’t still be there?”

Correct, Marshawn. That would be the definition of past.

Public speaking prowess aside, Marshawn is going to do very good things for the Bills. This may come as a shock, I know, but he’s got a lot of energy. Can’t seem to stand still for two seconds. The Bills should feed him the ball early and often. He’s shifty. Good hands coming out of the backfield. Tough enough to run inside, and still has a burst.

We’ll see what kind of highlights Lynch brings in 2007 – both on and off the field.

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