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Matt Kemp’s superstar gesture to an ailing fan


The following video came with this description on YouTube (sic):

Matt Kemp is sucha great person. He came over after the game and made one of my best friends night 🙂 he’s fighting a tough battle and this was sucha great gift by Matt Kemp ! I’ll never forget this.

I’ll let you watch it, but this the type of stuff I wish came across every day. Very simply, a superstar doing what we would want all our superstars to do. Use their status, when possible, to make someone’s day. Never mind what this ailing fan is battling (as some short-sighted commenters have asked), it’s almost irrelevant.

From the background, Kemp made a point earlier in the game that he would come over and visit this kid. A simple high-five would’ve been more than many athletes regularly offer. The signed ball was a nice added touch. But, if you’re Matt Kemp, why not offer your hat, shoes and the jersey off your back? Clearly, for him it’s not even a question. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Well done, Mr. Kemp. You’ve surely got a super-fan now, and count this blogger among an ever-growing group of advocates.

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