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Memo to NFL Receivers: Trespassers on Revis Island Will be Prosecuted to Fullest

Are You Not Entertained?!

Welcome to Revis Island, population one. Uno. Singular. Mono. As in, nobody else is allowed. Take note, NFL receivers. You are not welcome in his domain. Should you wander, Revis will make your stay unpleasant. Venture across Revis Island border and consider yourself, and any pigskin being thrown in your direction, to be in grave danger (as if there’s any other kind).

As I mentioned on Sunday, with the Jets season ostensibly over in terms of any really meaningful games, my Jets-Panthers viewing session was delightfully uninhibited by stress or expectations. While there were many things I picked up during the game, one thing stood out most – the play of Darrelle Revis. It’s rare the Jets have players who can qualify for discussion in any “best of” category. Revis is arguably the best corner in football right now. I’d argue he’s the best.Sure, I’m a bit biased, but if you’ve watched this kid play game after game, you would have a hard time making a case otherwise.

Revis has a unique blend of size, speed and athleticism for a corner. In many cases, those gifts alone can vault a d-back into the ranks of the elite. Add in tremendous ball skills, football intelligence and a relentless competitive streak and you’ve got a shutdown corner worthy of some real chatter. Watching him, his coverage is uncannily tight. He is step for step time after time. On the very rare occasions someone gets a half step, Revis finds a way to close and make a play as if that half step was never gained. His play simply looks different than what other corners are doing, even the really good ones.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, here’s what some of the opposing (premiere) receivers have managed when trying to spend any time on Revis Island. Access has been largely denied:

Randy Moss, Pats (2-game totals)
9 receptions for 58 yards and 1 touchdown (a four-yard pop pass at the goal line; not to be make excuses, but almost indefensible)
Long reception: 13 yards

Steve Smith, Panthers
1 reception for five yards

Andre Johnson, Texans
4 receptions for 35 yards
Long reception: 17 yards

Marques Colston, Saints
2 receptions for 33 yards

And, yes, I know he’s no longer elite, but just because…

Terrell Owens, Bills
3 receptions for 13 yards

One horsecrap 4-yard touchdown against a quartet of the league’s most dangerous players, if you’re into the stat stuff. If that’s the case, toss in 4 INTs (one taken back to the house) and 18 passes defensed. The stats don’t matter, though. Just watch this guy play. He’s that good. We Jets fans seldom get to speak of our guys are the top of any heap other than that of a steaming heap of sh*t. Revis is there (at the top of the non-dung heap) and he’s keeping his island to himself.

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  1. samerochocinco

    December 2, 2009 at 1:36 am

    I shudder at the thought of Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha on the same team. Absolutely. No. Passing. Maybe the Patriots can trick Al Davis into giving up Asomugha by giving him a third round draft pick or a can of tuna.

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