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Mets fans to prepare for another long, cold winter (and spring, and…)

The waiting is the hardest part...

The waiting is the hardest part…

I wrote the following as part of a Mets-focused post on March 13 of this year:

Let me get this out of the way. I know the Mets are going to suck for awhile, and I’m fine with that. It’s how it has to be. This is what rebuilding looks like. As mentioned time and again, my faith in Sandy Alderson is unwavering. Waiting until 2014 for relevancy is a cross I’m willing and able to bear.

Can I make a retraction?

I mean, sure I still believe in Sandy. And, yes, I was realistic at the start of this whole thing a few seasons back. It was going to be tough sledding.  The play would be ugly. The results would be mediocre at best. This was a necessity. No sense delaying the inevitable, right?

But, WOW, does it suck. It hit me today in that the off-season is typically a period for at least some measure of optimism – real or imagined. There’s always that part of you that anticipates the winter meetings will close and your team will fill those one or two gaping holes on the roster. Or, if situations are more dire, you can never quite count out  a blockbuster deal that changes the whole complexion of your team. Except, in this case, you can.

The Mets are going to quiet again this offseason. Eerily silent. There will be no major moves. In fact, there could be more disappointment. It’s not out of the realm that another homegrown boy and/or fan favorites could depart – whether on their own or management’s volition (or more likely, as almost always is, a combination of the two). There are no quick fixes in Flushing. Large sums of money can’t be thrown at the problem. These are not minor leaks to plug and repair, but, rather, an entire system that needed gutting. The process isn’t over yet.

Yes Mets fans, it’s going to be another long, cold winter. It’s  another reminder that you don’t know what you got, til it’s gone — even if that it is standing and watching a called third strike.

(uh-huh, that was two Cinderella references to finish out this post…drink it in)

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