Mike Brown’s Post-Game Presser Comments on Mo’s Dunk: So Awkward It’s Amazing

By now, most of us have seen the jam. It’s tough to argue the throwdown from Mo Williams didn’t play a huge role in sparking the Cavs and their second half rally. It was a pivotal dunk, not to mention a historic one — Mo’s first in-game flush as a member of the Cavs. It was an emotional lift. A surprise. Game changer. It also made a babbling fool out of Cleveland head coach Mike Brown.

T-t-t-t-to-day, Junior!

HT ESPN’s True Hoop

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  1. HeavyDuty says:

    Talk about getting hit too many times with a 'Stupid Stick' – this guy Brown is one unintelligent, dumb ass. Duh,duh,Mo,duh,haha,duh,no,no,duh, ha-ha-ho,he,he,duh,duh! Brilliant! I want some of whatever this goon is smoking.

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