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Mike Francesca goes off on Mets


I generally despise Mike Francesca, and I can’t stand his overall Mets/Jets hatred/bias. That said, this is TREMENDOUS. You have to appreciate this phenomenal rant, because it’s incredibly true and accurate.

For those of us that didn’t get to watch the latest debacle today live, the Mets afternoon performance sounds, by all accounts, to be almost deserving of this outburst. An appropriate culmination of a listless series in which the team finally has appeared to finally…truly…lay down and die. The Baxter putout on a single is absolutely INCREDIBLE. I like Mike’s imitations of  Terry Collins as well. We’ve been big fans of Collins for the majority of the last two seasons, but the fire that we respected has puttered out to a flicker. Can you blame him?

Check out the video below and the extended audio-only version below it.

Can’t wait to head to Philly!

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