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MUST SEE VIDEO: Fighting, Flying ‘Bama Mom Throws Down with Sooners Fans


Oh, Internet. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

For those of you in need of a Friday treat, just check out the video below. It’s perhaps the best use of Miley Cyrus’s abused and overused “Wrecking Ball” maybe ever? Yes, maybe ever.

We don’t have the back story here, but from this fine lady’s immediate Internet fame we can deduce this much.

  • The female blonde main character featured in the video below is an Alabama fan
  • She is pissed
  • She has some thoughts to share with Oklahoma fans during the Tide’s loss to the Sooners last night at the Sugar Bowl
  • After some animated trash talk, she appears to be removed from the fracas by a male Alabama fan
  • He carelessly turns his back for a moment
  • And then, as our friends at Guyism so poignantly described, she goes all “Jimmy Superfly Snuka” up on her adversaries

We offer our money back guarantee that this will be one of the best wasted minutes on the Internet you spend all day. Thank us later. And, thank you, miss. I’ve witnessed the fierce loyalty and occasional feistiness of the Alabama Crimson Tide faithful live in Tuscaloosa. I had a tremendous time, and it’s surely passion from fans like you who left such an indelible impression.

May your Tide soon fly again to great heights and may you land safely wherever your travels take you. We appreciate this moment.

Check out SI’s Extra Mustard for a more through back story.

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