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Must see video of the week: Welcome Home, Nets

Willie Davis for The New York Times

Photo: Willie Davis for The New York Times

The Brooklyn Nets open up this Saturday at the new Barclays Center. While we’re perhaps supposed to already abhor the Knicks now-for-real-crosstown rivals, I can’t help but love everything about this “new” franchise. Which leads me to my favorite video of the week…

Matt Ufford has been one of my favorite “bloggers” to follow over the years. He’s honest. Likable. Witty. Been a fan since the KSK days, and he’s now all over SB Nation and playing a big role in the content they’re creating. I thought this video, which is somewhat of an ode to Brooklyn, shows off why I’ve been a fan of both the writer (and in this case, narrator) and the team.

Good stuff, all around.

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