My nephew’s Nats are heading to the postseason (he better appreciate it)

Playoff pride

This Nats flag was billowing in the wind outside my sister’s place in D.C. a few weeks ago when my wife and I visited her in D.C. Playoff pride. It’s a wonderful thing.

Last night, the Washington Nationals clinched the NL East making it that much more official…and real.

It all got me to thinking. My toddler nephew needs to appreciate this. Drink it in, Jack-man. My sister and brother-in-law moved to D.C. prior to the Nats arrival in the district. They then adopted the team with open arms, complete with season tickets. My nephew grew up on this bunch and now begs each night to stay up for “one more batter.” At two years-plus, he can recite the entire lineup. His favorite player was Ryan Zimmerman. Now, it’s Bryce Harper (figures). They are as real as Nats fans get.

And, now, their team is going to the playoffs in my nephew’s second year on the planet. It’s OK. They deserve it. I guess. It’s just tough to take for, you know, this Mets fan.

Unfortunately, this Washington Nationals group is a damn likable, young team. It’s also likely to be a winner for several years. A competitive team that has talent and is consistently in contention. Isn’t that a novel notion?

Now pardon me, while this Mets fan goes back and sobs under his desk.

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