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My NYC Ad Double-Take of the Day: Beanie for Blimpie

I’ve been at a new office for over a year now. Still, I tend to take different routes home on different days and there are certain buildings or storefronts I just miss. It’s Manhattan, there’s plenty to see…and just enough of which to be completely oblivious.

So it was on my walk home today something caught my eye that I’d somehow missed to date. Something truly astouding. And to see it on my daily commute home in New York. Check that, to see it anywhere ever…just shocking. It was a promo poster on the door of a fine-looking Blimpie’s establishment. It featured a man. A professional athlete. One whose mere countenance, particularly on the isle of Manhattan, commands you to enter and consume said chain’s submarine sandwiches. Yes, you know the man. It is, of course, Beanie Wells.


Yes, well, big name catering makes big time plays in big time games…with big time play…errr…uhh…something like that. Yea, anyway.

I just thought it was funny. Or sad. Or ironic? Or maybe a little bit of all of them. Sure, Subway goes big with the athletes, but folks in NY tend to like those guys like Tuck, Sabathia and Strahan. I don’t know if it makes them buy sandwiches, but I can tell you who probably doesn’t. That’s right, Beanie Wells.

In Blimpie’s defense, they are an Arizona-based chain and Wells is, as of this moment, a proud card-carrying member of the 4-10 Cardinals. This summer, when they signed him, Wells was a promising rookie coming off a 700-yard plus, seven touchdown season. This for a 10-6 team that had won the division and captured a thrilling OT win in the playoffs before bowing out to the eventual Super Bowl champion Saints.

Give me a story like that and I might even think about you as a potential marketing partner (although the national appeal is still quite dubious). With two scores this year and 334 yards through 11 games (and a platry 3.3 YPC)…slightly less so.

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  1. Christopher

    December 23, 2010 at 3:55 am

    A joyous holiday season to all your blog readers!

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