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My Saturday College Football Binge & 25 "Observations"

Kid’s the Real Deal

Let me preface this by saying my wife is away with my mother and sister. Therefore, I had a certain level of viewing freedom today not typically afforded without extensive negotiation and deft use of DVR. In other words, I was able to absolutely obliterate myself on college football. Over the past 12 or 13 hours, I tuned in for various portions of all of the following based on my East Coast Time Warner Cable-enabled options:

Michigan vs. Indiana
Alabama vs. Arkansas
Va. Tech vs. Miami
Florida vs. Kentucky
Ohio St. vs. Illinois
Notre Dame vs. Purdue
Georgia vs. Arizona St.
Texas Tech vs. Houston
Penn St. vs. Iowa

Nine games. Even in my sloth days, such a showing would’ve been impressive. So, what did all this football teach me? Well, like everyone else, it probably only pounded home the notion that this year is going to be ridiculous again in college football. I won’t use the “p” word, but it’s there and increasingly apparent. Other than that, it’s impossible not have observed a few things from inhaling all this gridiron goodness. OK, many things. Remembering them might be the larger challenge. Here we go:

1. I know big-time sports fans like me often believe we could get in the booth and call a better game than some of the schmucks doing so today. It’s a bit smug and presumptuous. However, after listening to some of the broadcast teams today (*cough* ESPNU), I’m absolutely convinced I could (do a better job).

2. Staying in the booth for a minute…I actually don’t mind Mike Patrick and Craig James, and it didn’t hurt they had a great game to call. That said, is it me or are these guys the kings of asking each other rhetorical questions? You know what I’m saying?

3. I get it. Beamer Ball. Totally understand. Doesn’t make it any less painful to watch.

4. The moment the U and Jacory stepped on that field in Blacksburg with the pouring rain there wasn’t a chance in hell.

5. Is Colt McCoy going to back in to the Heisman? That’s probably a little harsh, but the whole thing seems to be losing a little luster. Not that I care all that much.

6. If the Heisman is all about ridiculous hype, though, isn’t it time Tony Pike and Casey Keenum’s names start getting tossed about? I say, why not.

7. Did they stop teaching tackling in Pop Warner football sometime in the early 2000s? Is this part of the same conspiracy against base running fundamentals and free throw shooting? WTF?

8. I used to hate Jimmy Clausen. I hate him slightly less now. The last drive was impressive. Kid’s a gamer, as they say.

9. Speaking of…watching those last few minutes of ND and the shots of Weis on the sideline was like watching somehow clinging to life on a respirator and waiting to see if that EKG was going to spike or flatline for good. Big Charlie was a few beats away…

10. Next time someone talks about Cal and a national title remind me about every year for the last few decades and instruct me to muzzle said person.

11. Yes, Tebow got rocked. Yes, I understand why it’s news. Yes, it should be news. But does that mean we have to break down the number of times he booted on the cart as part of the bottom line updates?

12. Wanna hear a funny story…at the beginning of the year, some media folks were mentioning Daryll Clark and Heisman in the same sentence. Funny, right?

13. Kirk Ferentz is a pretty good coach apparently.

14. I’m not sure who’s got less of their faculties left, Paterno or Holtz. Thinking JoePa…

15. Nick Saban seems like a real a-hole. A-holes make really good football coaches sometimes. This is one of those times.

16. Georgia is very average this year. But mediocre in the SEC is darn good. I think.

17. Tate Forcier is one of the more notable (most?) freshman I’ve watched this year. Remember those Rich Rod tears? Seems like forever ago…

18. I’m a big A.J. Green fan. Big. Huge. Boy be good.

19. Every team in the state of Florida is nasty — except the Jags and Dolphins. USF with a freshman QB, huh? What exactly is FSU’s deal?

20. Repeating the same question for Oregon, Cal, Ohio St. and half of the rest of the D-1. I still call it D-1. I will continue to call it D-1.

21. Bama, LSU, Florida, Texas and ??? USC? Cincy? Boise? Va Tech? Who’s your top five? Does it even matter?

22. The refereeing in college football – if today was at all indicative – is absolutely friggin’ atrocious. Really, really awful. Piss poor. Embarrassing. You get the point.

23. For all the crappy linebacker play, and despite their loss, I love the way Penn St. backers play. That whole Linebacker U. thing…yea, you can see why.

24. Is Kansas going to be the next product of the hype machine? Assuming they win their next two against Iowa St. and Colorado, I would say there’s a good chance. That would put the Jayhawks at 6-0 heading into a home game against Oklahoma.

25. Best game of the day? Pitt and NC State saved the midday from being a complete disaster. Notre Dame and Purdue picked up some slack from the doldrums of Iowa and PSU. From start to finish, though, Texas Tech and Houston lived up to the billing and provided the most entertainment value.

Now, I must prepare myself for tomrrow (technically, today). Ahhh, football season is gloooorious.

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