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NBA Early Stat Stuffer…Chris Kaman

How ‘Bout Some Respect, Huh?

I’ll admit, my NBA viewing hours have decreased substantially over the past few seasons. As much as I still love the playoffs, the desire to tune into weekday action has severely diminished from the Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday era of only a few years ago. Speaking of which, a quick aside courtesy of Vlade, Vince, Ray and friends…

OK, where was I? Yes, not watching NBA that much anymore. That said, I try to at least keep up with what’s going on in the Association via them broadsheets and the trusty Interwebs. That’s what I was doing today when I stumbled upon one of the young season’s stat stuffers. You know, the number one scorer among NBA centers. He who resides in the top 20 in points, rebounds and blocks. This guy’s averaging over 20 ppg. That’s more than A’Mare Stoudemire, Brandan Roy, Paul Pierce and Ben Gordon.

What’s that? I already gave it away in the blog title? Excellent point. Still, you’ve got to admit Chris Kaman wouldn’t have been the first name to roll off your tongue. Still, Kaman’s been solid for several seasons. Yet, 2009 early on looks poised to be his best. Unfortunately, he’s still on the Clippers.

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