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NBA "Surprise" Stats Edition: Jeopardy-Style

A: Who is the League Leader in Field Goal Percentage

Back in the day, I could name every head coach in the NBA and probably a good number of starting fives. Call it the game, my age or whatever, but I’m way out of touch these days. Since the days of Oak Man, Mace and crew, my interest for the Knicks and the NBA overall have followed a parallel and extreme downward arc. Baseball and football have undoubtedly stolen my heart as I ascend into my 30s.

That said, I’m still a psycho sports fan by most standards. Just because I’m not tuning in on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (say it after me…), doesn’t mean I like being uninformed. I still enjoy a good showdown between top teams and chances are I’ll be locked in come playoff time. Hell, I’m even diggin’ me some Suns-Lake Show at this moment. But, for now, I need to check myself every once in awhile.

Sure, knowing the top scoring guys in the League doesn’t require a whole lot of actual viewing. But what about those league leaders who the even way-above-casual NBA fan wouldn’t even think to think about? A-ha…a-ha…where’s the spoon, right?

No need to worry, I’m on it. Here’s your list of those players lurking just beneath those household names we all know about on various NBA leaders lists. Test your knowledge. You may be surprised, surprised. Well, at least I was…

Q: I’m a second-year pro out of Arkansas and am currently fifth in the League in steals averaging 2.22/game. I’m joined in the top five by more familiar names including Rondo, Paul, Kidd and Wade. People say I’m rounding out into a pretty solid NBA player.

A: Who is Ronnie Brewer, Utah Jazz

Q: After spending most of my career with a Western Conference team, I’ve found my way East. I currently average 24.4 ppg, more than Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant, A’mare Stoudamire and Vince Carter.

A: Who is Devin Harris, New Jersey Nets

Q: Only Chris Paul is averaging more assists than I this season. I’m dropping more than nine dimes a night, and I haven’t missed a free throw in 48 attempts. How you like them manzanas?

A: Who is Jose Calderon, Toronto Raptors

Q: I am most well-known for my status as a ginger athlete. Oh yes, I also lead the Association in three-point percentage. 51% Pretty sick, right? That’s just how I roll.

A: Who is Matt Bonner, San Antonio Spurs

Q: I’m second only to Dwight Howard in rebounds per game averaging 12+ to go along with mu 15 points. I also lead the NBA in amount of product used on my stylish locks. Feel it. Love it.

A: Who is Andris Bedrins, Golden St. Warriors

Q: I am currently rank third in blocks per game. They call me the Birdman. Bedrins has nothing on my ‘doo.

A: Who is Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets

We hope you learned something.

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