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Newcastle’s non Super Bowl Super Bowl ads are genius


Newcastle Brown Ale didn’t buy a Super Bowl spot this year. They don’t have the money. They have no rights. So, they poked fun at that very notion. And succeeded in doing what many modern marketer’s dream of: taking advantage of the Super Bowl hype, audience and news cycle…without spending the dollars.

Enter Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson.

The two recently were featured as part of a series of spots that talk about the Super Bowl commercial Newcastle would have made…you know, if they like, had the money…or could say the words Super Bowl, for instance. You can check it all out at

It’s all a brilliantly clever little campaign that should be a case study for brands looking to “hijack” the Super Bowl as a marketing moment.

Well done, Newcastle.

Here’s the Kendrick spot that’s blowing up.

Oh yea, Keyshawn had one too.

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