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NFL Stats Whudda Thunk It Edition

Your NFL Sack Leader, But of Course

I watch a ton of football. Like, a lot. Yet, without a Direct Ticket package and sans the lunacy of fantasy football, there’s only so much one can realistically stay on top of. Plus, there are just certain teams you don’t see or hear about virtually ever in this here NYC market (like who really plays for Carolina besides Smith and Delhomme?).

Anyway, point is we occasionally make our way over to to check in on the League leaders and make sure we’re straight. Can’t be sports blogging and not be up to speed. So, with the halfway point of the season rapidly approaching we took a dive into statville. What we found were a few surprises. Some we knew of…some we didn’t…and some we thought we knew but had no idea. We definitely would have to ask somebody.

Here are 10 almost-midseason developments that make you go hmmm…or at least they made me…you know, go hmmm.

1. Joey Porter leads the NFL with 10.5 sacks. Not bad for a guy I thought was over-the-hill on a team I suspected would struggle to win more than a few games.

2. LenDale White leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns. Sweet gig. Eat all you want. Average a pedestrian 3.6 YPC and then come in on goal-to-go and plow ahead for two yards. Well done. Give that man another donut.

3. Second in the NFL in TDs on the ground? Ronnie “Wildcat” Brown. If anyone saw that coming after last season (for Brown and the ‘Phins), I invite you to read my palm and tell me what you can deduce.

4. The Cleveland Browns are ranked sixth in the NFL in scoring defense, giving up 17.6 points a contest. Their offense? 27th. Riiiiight.

5. Greg Jennings of the Packers has more 20+ yard receptions than any player in the NFL with 12. Last year he had 13 the entire season. Greg. Jennings.

6. The third-most receiving yards in the League belong to Falcons receiver Roddy White. He sits behind only Andre Johnson of the Texans and Jennings.

7. Three of the top five ground gainers to date are Portis, Peterson and Gore. Can you name the other two? Those who answered Michael Turner (#3) and Chris Johnson (#5) get a cookie.

8. The fifth-highest passer rating in the NFL belongs to Chad Pennington. Let that one marinate for a second.

9. Even better…Peyton Manning now sits at #22 based on passer rating. If you’re into that kind of stat, he currently resides one slot ahead of Dan Orlovsky. Some of the signal-callers ahead of him? You know, the usual names that would boast a higher passer rating than Manning – your Ortons, David Garrards and Matt Cassell-types. Typical.

10. And, to top it off, ole gray hairs himself, the Iowa Barnstormer gunslinger, Kurt Warner is third in the NFL in passer rating, second in yards and has chucked 14 TDs against six picks for the NFC West-leading Arizona Cardinals. Wait, what in the…

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  1. J M Van Horn

    October 30, 2008 at 9:25 am

    Nice observations, still in shock about Porter with 10.5 sacks. The man is possessed.

  2. Cecilio's Scribe

    October 30, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    thanks, JM. agreed. we had no idea on Porter. perhaps he has some latitude to run his mouth

  3. P-Cat

    November 2, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    Greg Jennings leading the NFL with more 20+ catches than anyone. So much for Brett Farve and his gunslinger mentality.

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