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No brotherly love: Brook Lopez dunk posterizes twin brother Robin


Listen, any “posterization” categorization is likely to be scoffed at or bring about serious skepticism. We have DeAndre Jordan to thank for that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yes, one more time please. Any excuse is completely warranted.

So. So. Good. It hurts.

I only say that because I can’t go too nuts about Brook Lopez’s slam over his twin brother Robin during tonight’s Nets win over New Orleans. Fine. Pedestrian, really. Still, it’s not bad for a seven-footer. Plus, it’s not everyday you get to throw one down on your twin. So it’s got that going for it. IN DA FACE! IN DA FACE!

Everyone’s always known Brooke was the real player in the family. Unfortunately, this was a painful reminder to Robin. Chin up, buddy. Mommy still loves you both.

HT: The Brooklyn Game

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