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No one like mike: Gatorade celebrates iconic ad to help celebrate its 50th anniversary


Gatorade has remastered its classic “Be Like Mike” ad decades after its original release. Announced today and peppered across the Interwebs, the spot is getting all sorts of nostalgic-fueled buzz and attention. Nice timing with All-Star this weekend. It also happens to be 23 years since the spot first aired. All cute and clever. Use your assets. Good marketing.

I’m not here to talk about that. I’m just…man. 1992! I was a 15-year old high school kid. MJ was everything. Wings. Come Fly with Me. Air Jordan. Michael and Mars (Blackman).

As I sit here an hour after seeing this commercial again, and singing that catchy jingle non-stop, I can’t help but think that there really was nobody like Mike. Now, then or maybe forever more. You always wonder. I’ve heard previous generations talk about The Mick. Aaron. Of course, there was The Great One. Tiger. Ali. Even, more recently, he was the Chosen One.

Still, I don’t think anyone compares. Not talking about basketball ability. Nor am I talking about the quality of the human being (gosh knows, I don’t think MJ is a “good guy” by any stretch). Just talking scientific BIGNESS. Larger than life. Cultural phenomenon. I can’t look at the number 23 to this day without thinking Jordan. I still have posters in my office that pay homage to his Airness (reserve your comments). Jordans are still “a thing” for me.

We wore our shorts that way because of MJ. Dunked on our Jordan Jammer because of MJ. Chose our number because of MJ. Watched weekend NBA TV WHENEVER the Bulls were playing because of MJ.

Who knows…maybe there are comparables today and kids view Durant, James, Kobe in similar ways. Maybe.

I can’t imagine, though.

While some may emulate, and many will rise, I don’t foresee anyone or anything in sports ever “being like Mike.”

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