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Nolan Ryan punch photo a smash hit with fans

White Sox Rangers Baseball Fight


Earlier today I caught an article about the absolutely insignificant event that was Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura speaking to one another this weekend. Who knows, maybe they even shook hands!

You see, Ryan plunked Ventura 19 years ago and the 26 year-old White Sox third baseman charged the mound. The 46 year-old Ryan Express then proceeded to drop the hammer on his head a few times. Not at all shockingly, they’ve never crossed paths since. There was no grudge. No deeper story. Nothing particularly interesting around the incident, but it’s enough to make a modern headline on the WWL and many other places. OK, I guess? But wait! Now, one’s the man for the Rangers! And the other’s the new skipper for the Sox! Nope, still don’t get it. Here’s the video, though.

First off…Robin…either come strong or don’t come at all. First, he hesitates to go out there. Then, he half-asses it before, predictably, getting his ass handed to him. I digress, though. My point is that there was SOMETHING interesting in the ESPN piece commemorating this non-historic day. In the story, Ryan reveals that the brawl photo is one of the “top three items he’s asked to sign by fans.” Ahh America, o how I love thee.

No celebratory photos of him winning a World Championship as either a player or President. Nope, not any images of one of his seven no-hitters or eight All-Star appearances nor any depictions of one of his more than 5,000 strikeouts. Nope. The picture of him pummeling Robin Ventura. Whatever floats your boat, Texas.

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