North Carolina football players attended phantom class

Forget Rocks for Jocks

Suffice to say, North Carolina football has been in the headlines the past few years for the wrong reasons. Agents. Academics. Infractions and investigations galore. The Butch Davis era will not be remembered for its cleanliness.

The university’s exploration of circumstances surrounding all the allegations continue, even as the NCAA pulls back following its doling out of punishment. The latest involves a somewhat humorous class that was shockingly well-attended by members of the UNC ball squad.

According to reports, AFAM 280, a class on “Blacks in North Carolina,” was a summer school offering that mysteriously appeared on the curriculum days before the start of the semester. Shortly thereafter, the class was filled with 18 undergraduates! What a surprise, claimed its professor! Even more shocking was that 100% of the enrollees just happened to be on the football team. We’re sure it was merely coincidence.

Students were aware that the class would involve “no instruction.” Apparently, a 15-page paper was the only requirement. The class was “taught” by Julius Nyang’oro, the-then chairman of the African and Afro-American Studies Department, who resigned amid other accusations related to the UNC Football academic fraud scandal last fall and will retire on July 1st.

Now where were all those “instruction-free” classes when I was going to school?

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